Transactions on Case-Based Reasoning

Volume 2 - Number 1 - October 2009 - Pages 15-28

Explaining Exceptional Cases Focusing on Solving the Missing Data Problem

O. Vorobieva1+2 and R. Schmidt1

1Institute for Medical Informatics and Biometry, University of Rostock, Germany
2Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry, St. Petersburg, Russia


In medical practice and in knowledge-based systems too, it is necessary to consider exceptions and to deal with them appropriately. In this paper, a system is presented, which helps to explain cases that do not fit to a theoretical hypothesis. It is proposed to combine Case-Based Reasoning with a statistical model, where Case-Based Reasoning is used to explain the exceptional cases. Additionally, a method to partly solve the missing data problem was developed. This method combines general restoration techniques with domain dependent formulas provided by an expert. For the latter technique, Case-Based Reasoning is applied again.

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