Transactions on Case-Based Reasoning

Volume 5 - Number 1 - October 2016 - Pages 3-18

A new Retrieval Function for Ontology-Based Complex Case Descriptions

Hans Friedrich Witschel, Andreas Martin, Sandro Emmenegger, Jonas Lutz

University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), University of South Africa


This work focuses on case-based reasoning in domains where cases have complex structures with relationships to an arbitrary number of other (potentially complex and structured) entities and where case characterisations (queries) are potentially incomplete. We summarise the requirements for such domains in terms of case representation and retrieval functions. We then analyse properties of existing similarity measures used in CBR { above all symmetry { and argue that some of these properties are not desirable. By exploiting analogies with retrieval functions in the area of information retrieval { where similar functions have been replaced by new ones not exhibiting the aforementioned undesired properties { we derive a new asymmetric ranking function for case retrieval. On a generated test-bed, we show that indeed the new function results in di erent ranking of cases { and use testbed examples to illustrate why this is desirable from a user's perspective.


Retrieval Function, Ontology-Based Case Description, Case-Based Reasoning

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