Transactions on Mass-Data Analysis of Images and Signals (ISSN:1868-6451)

Volume 2- Number 1 - September 2010 - Pages 19-28

Qualitative Formalisms for Psychogenic Medical Diagnosis

C. Ciufudean1, O. Ciufudean2, C. Filote1 and A. Larionescu1

1"Stefan cel Mare" University, Universitatii str. 9, 720225, Suceava, Romania
2 "Areni" Medical Center, Stefan cel Mare str.78, 720229, Suceava, Romania


The medical diagnosis is nowadays confronted with new and often unexpected challenges that provoke a large range of emotional responses. Since no two responses are alike, a variety of emotional behaviors are encountered among patients and therefore medical personnel have to face both medical diagnosis as well as patientís trust. When these two antagonist desiderates are met, the chances for patientís healing grow. Our work deals with this issue and proposes a new model based on qualitative formalism for the interaction physician Ė patient in order to obtain a so called trust diagnosis (TD). Future development of this work is also mentioned here.

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