Transactions on Mass-Data Analysis of Images and Signals (ISSN:1868-6451)

Volume 5 - Number 1 - September 2013 - Page 3-25

A New Method for Solving the Point-Correspondence Problem between Two Shapes and Their Similarity Calculation

P. Perner and S. Jšnichen

Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences, IBaI, Leipzig, Germany


There are plenty of different algorithms for aligning pairs of 2Dshapes and point-sets. They mainly concern with the establishment of correspondences and the detection of outlier. All of them assume that the aligned shapes are quite similar in a way. But special problems arise if we have to align shapes that are very different, for example aligning concave to convex shapes. In such cases it is indispensable to take into account the order of the point-sets and to enforce legal sets of correspondences, otherwise the calculated distances are incorrect. We present our novel shape alignment algorithm which can also handle such cases. The algorithm establishes symmetric and legal one-to-one point correspondences between arbitrary shapes, represented as ordered sets of 2D-points and returns a distance measure which runs between 0 and 1.

Keywords: Shape Alignment, Correspondence Problem, Shape Acquisition

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