Transactions on Machine Learning and Data Mining
P-ISSN: 1865-6781, E-ISSN 2509-9337
ISBN 978-3-942952-78-1

Volume 13 - Number 2 - October 2020 - Pages 61-81

Corona Virus Global Health Transformation to Telemedicine, the Quality-of-Service Provision, and the Cybersecurity Challenges

Eduard Babulak1, Petra Perner2

1Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA 24502, USA
2FutureLab Artificial Intelligence_IBaI_II, Germany


The telecommunications industry in last decade went through the dramatic changes motivated by mobility, wireless technologies, and miniaturization. The current advances in Internet, Information Communication Technologies (ICT), Cloud Computing and Smart Ubiquitous Computational Devices create platform for ubiquitous access to patient's medical record(s), while enabling multi-point live video supported patient care and post-discharge consultations. The continuous in-crease in the complexity and the heterogeneity of healthcare telecommunications infrastructures requires reliable methodology to assess the quality of service and Cybersecurity provision. In this paper, the authors discuss the importance of provision of Quality of Service and Cybersecurity in the field of medical care and Electronic Healthcare Management. The main motivation to present our paper is to discuss the use of data communications, Internet, cloud and Smart Ubiquitous Computational Devices in medical field while presenting possible scenarios related to ubiquitous access to Patient's Electronic Health Record and remote control of Medical Surgical Robots via Internet and Smart Ubiquitous Computational Devices. The message of the paper is to stress the importance of cyber security in the field of telemedicine to-day and tomorrow. The controlling of Smart Ubiquitous Computational Devices, Patient's Electronic Health Record and surgical robots are quite new applications in medical practice, and little is known about the possible scenarios that may be triggered by cyber security. The data from the medical devices, control data of the robot and Patient's Electronic Health Record are transmitted via data communications networks and Internet. As such, the quality of service provision and proper cyber security solu-tions are essential to patient's safety and security The paper presented the importance of Quality-of-Service and Cybersecurity provision in the emerging technologies and data sources that are essential for providing reliable and high quality clinical care and operation of the public health care system not only in Canada and South Korea but worldwide.

Keywords: Telemedicine, Tele-Surgery, Quality-of-Service, Cybersecurity, E-Health Man-agement, Future Hospital, Smart Ubiquitous Device, Health Economics 

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