Advances in Data Mining, Applications and Theoretical Aspects, Petra Perner (Ed.), 19th Industrial Conference, ICDM 2019 New York, USA, July 17 to July 21 2019, ibai publishing, ISSN 1864-9734, ISBN 978-3-942952-60-6, Poster and Industry Proceedings Book

Poster and Industry Proceedings Book

Advances in Data Mining, Applications and Theoretical Aspects

Petra Perner (Ed.)

19th Industrial Conference on Data Mining
ICDM 2019
New York, USA, July 17 to July 21 2019
ISSN 1864-9734 ISBN 978-3-942952-61

ibai publishing house

Open Access Poster and Industry Proceedings Book ICDM 2019


The nineteenth event of the Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM was held in New York ( running under the umbrella of the World Congress on “The Frontiers in Intelligent Data and Signal Analysis, DSA 2019” ( After the peer-review process, we accepted 39 high-quality papers for oral presentation, which are published in the ICDM Proceeding by ibai-publishing ( The topics range from theoretical aspects of data mining to applications of data mining, such as in multimedia data, in marketing, in medicine, and in process control, industry, and society. Extended versions of selected papers will appear in the international journal Transactions on Machine Learning and Data Mining ( In all, twenty one papers were selected for poster presentations, which are published in the ICDM Poster Proceeding by ibai-publishing ( A tutorial on Data Mining and a tutorial on Case-Based Reasoning were held after the conference. The conference was running in an inspiring atmosphere. The presenters of the oral presentations gave excellent talks and the audience acknowledged each talk with excellent questions. The poster presenters presented well prepared posters and gave in front of their posters a summary of their work in five minutes for the audiences. Afterwards the audience could step to the poster that they were interested in. The audience had a lot of questions and they gave valuable comments and new directions for the work in progress. In all was the poster session a very successful session. We would like to thank all reviewers for their highly professional work and their effort in reviewing the papers. We also thank the members of the Institute of Applied Computer Sciences, Leipzig, Germany (, who handled the conference as secretariat. We appreciate the help and understanding of the ibai-publishing publishing house ( that handled the papers and published the proceedings. Last, but not least, we wish to thank all the speakers and participants who contributed to the success of the conference. We hope to see you in 2020 in New York at the next World Congress on “The Frontiers in Intelligent Data and Signal Analysis, DSA 2020” (, which combines under its roof the following three events: International Conferences Machine Learning and Data Mining MLDM ( , the Industrial Conference on Data Mining ICDM (, and the International Conference on Mass Data Analysis of Signals and Images in Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition with Applications in Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Food Industry, MDA-AI&PR (
Petra Perner, July 2019

Keywords: Applications of Data Mining in ... Marketing, Medicine, E-Commerce (Mining Logfiles), Biotechnology, Quality Management, Multimedia Data (Image, Video, Text, Signals), Web-Mining, Intrusion Detection in Networks, Agriculture, Meterology
Theoretical and Application-oriented Topics in ... Case-Based Reasoning and Similarity-Based Reasoning, Clustering, Classification & Prediction, Statistical Learning, Association Rules, Telecommunication, Design of Experiment, Strategy of Experimentation, Capability Indices, Deviation and Novelty Detection, Control Charts, Conceptional Learning, Goodness Measures and Evaluation (e.g. false discovery rates), Inductive Learning Including Decision Tree and Rule Induction Learning, Organisational Learning and Evolutional Learning, Sampling Methods, Similarity Measures and Learning of Similarity, Statistical Learning and Neural Net Based Learning, Visualization and Data Mining, Deviation and Novelty Detection, Feature Grouping, Discretization, Selection and Transformation, Feature Learning, Frequent Pattern Mining, Learning and Adaptive Control, Learning/Adaption of Recognition and Perception, Learning for Handwriting Recognition, Learning in Image Pre-Processing and Segmentation, Mining Financial or Stockmarket Data, Mining Motion from Sequence, Subspace Methods, Support Vector Machines, Time Series and Sequential Pattern Mining, Desirabilities, Graph Mining, Agent Data Mining, Applications in Software Testing, Knowledge Management, Mining Social Media, Online Targeting & Controlling, Behavioral Targeting, Meteorological Data Mining, Data Mining in Logistics, Data Mining in Energy Industry, Business Intelligence and Data Mining, Big Data and Algorithm for Big Data, Legal Informatics and Data Mining, Data Mining for Logistic and Supply Chain Management